Customer FAQs

How long does shipping take to USA ?

Shipping time depends upon the seller's location and his preferred shipping method. If the seller is based in US, then it can take around 3-5 days for doorstep delivery

Where do the products come from ?

Most of the sellers are based in US but we also have international sellers. We look out for innovators from all across the globe with high quality products.

Where can I track my order ?

Once the product is shipped, you will receive a tracking link on your email ,which was provided during payment or you can click on "Track my Order" on the top bar of our website and fill in the details to track your order.

Which Payment Options does Royal Tree accept ?

As we ship only to the US,hence as of now we accept all credit/debit cards from the US. We also accept Paypal as a payment method.

Who are the sellers on Royal Tree ?
All of our sellers are innovators and owners of their product. Hence you receive the products directly from the owners, and not from any reseller or distributor.which in-turn cuts out the middlemen costs.

Is the price shown on Royal Tree, the lowest price for that product ?

Yes. We sign an agreement with the sellers, which states that the price they offer on Royal Tree is the lowest price for that product across all the internet. Hence they cannot sell the same product for a lower price somewhere else on the internet. Hence the price shown for the product on Royal Tree is the lowest possible price for that product offered by the seller.

Can I return the product ?

Although we make sure that the product you receive is of the highest quality but yet if somehow you receive a damaged product or the product does not fit the description then you can return the product within 15 days. Make sure to contact us via mail on [email protected] with the order details.

What happens if I did not receive the product after placing the order ?

We would request you to check the tracking status first. Sometimes the items are held at the US Customs, which causes the delay. You can call the Customs office and ask them about the product. If the product is not held at the customs office and somehow you do not receive the product,then we will issue a full refund within 3-5 days. Make sure to mail us the order details to [email protected]

Which countries does Royal Tree sell to ?

As of now, we are operating only in the United States. We ship to all over US. We will soon be shipping to other countries. Stay updated.

Are the products available on Royal Tree genuine ?

Our seller onboarding process is one of the most difficult process. Every seller is thoroughly checked and only then allowed to sell on our platform. Our team also collects sample products from the sellers to check the quality. Hence the products and sellers are all genuine on Royal Tree.

Seller FAQs

What is the process to sell on Royal Tree ?

As of now, we allow only owners of the product to sell on Royal Tree. Kindly send us a mail with your product description, images/video links and contact details to [email protected] Our team will get in touch with you.

What is the Lowest Price policy ?

As a seller on Royal Tree, you will sign a Lowest Price agreement, which states that the product you sell on Royal Tree, will have the lowest price across all the internet, which means, If you also sell somewhere else online, then the price of the product cannot be lower than the one on Royal Tree. This agreement helps us to offer our customers, the lowest possible price for that product.

Why was my application rejected ?

Our seller onboarding process is one of the toughest out there. The reason for your rejection will be mentioned in the email sent to you by our team. Common reasons for rejection include : 1) You are not the owner of the product. 2) Products are not of high quality 3) You did not offer the lowest price for the product. 4) Too many negative reviews.

What are the fees for selling on Royal Tree ?

You can list your product for free on Royal Tree. As of now, we charge only 8% commission (inclusive of all taxes) on the products sold, which is one of the lowest commission across the internet. For eg. If you sell a product for $10, then you will receive $9.2 in your account. There are no listing fees or any other charges.

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