The mantra of every successful business owner is the same: Buy low and sell high. The cheaper you can source your product, the greater the potential for markup and profit. Factory-direct buying from manufacturers cuts out the middleman. With the aid of the internet, you can source manufacturers from around the globe with just the click of a mouse. These days thanks to the internet, everyone can be an entrepreneur. It is simply a matter of finding what sort of business is suited to you and then making it happen. There are several online stores where you can buy your products; in wholesale and retail.

When it comes to finding manufacturers, free online supplier directories are a good place to start. Some of the more popular global directories include Royal Tree Store, but a few to mention.

What is Royal Tree Store?

Royal Tree Store is an ecommerce marketplace for manufacturers. People can buy products directly from manufacturers, which in-turn cuts out the middlemen costs. Hence the prices are lower than the retail price. “Highest Quality at the Lowest Price” is what we offer.

Why you should buy products directly from us at Royal Tree Store?

Since there is no reseller involved, you will not pay for their profit margin. Our supply chain is simply the shortest in the business, allowing us to offer low prices. You won’t find an equal level of quality for these prices elsewhere. Frequently Asked Questions

How does Royal Tree offer such low prices?

All of our sellers are manufacturers. Hence you receive the products directly from the manufacturers.

Is the price shown on Royal Tree, the lowest price for that product?

Yes. We sign an agreement with the sellers, which states that the price they offer on Royal Tree is the lowest price for that product across all the internet. Hence they cannot sell the same product for a lower price somewhere else on the internet. Hence the price shown for the product on Royal Tree is the lowest possible price for that product offered by the seller

Which countries does Royal Tree sell to?

As of now, we are operating only in the United States. We ship to all over US. We will soon be shipping to other countries.

Are the products available on Royal Tree genuine?

Our seller onboarding process is one of the most difficult process. Every seller is thoroughly checked and only then allowed to sell on our platform. Our team also collects sample products from the sellers to check the quality. Hence the products and sellers are all genuine on Royal Tree.

What is the Lowest Price policy?

All sellers have to sign a Lowest Price agreement, which states that the product you sell on Royal Tree, will have the lowest price across all the internet, which means, If the seller also sell somewhere else online like Amazon or Ebay, then the price of the product on these sites cannot be lower than the one on Royal Tree. This agreement helps us to offer our customers, the lowest possible price for that product.

Which countries are the sellers from?

Sellers can be from any country given that they offer the lowest price for their product.

What is the shipping time to States?

Shipping time depends on the product’s location. If the seller is from US, then it takes 2-3 days. If the seller is international, then it may take anywhere between 1-4 weeks for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

How is Royal Tree different from Amazon or Ebay?

On Amazon and Ebay, the sellers are basically resellers/ retailers who buy the products for a lower price from manufacturers and sell at the retail price. On Royal Tree, all sellers are manufacturers hence you will can buy products below their retail price.

To sum it up, factory-direct buying delivers many valuable benefits. Some of these advantages improve the quality of products or help you find merchandise that meets your specific needs. Most people choose to order goods in this manner when they want to cut costs or can’t find desirable products elsewhere.

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